Welcome to my first blog post on the subjects relating to Synthetic Intelligence.

My intention with this blog is to provide commentary on scientific and technological developments in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and robotics.

For advancements in the robotics fields, I will focus on mechanized adaptability, sensory analysis, natural language processing, nano-technology capabilities, and self-repairing capabilities.

The brunt of my writing will be on Synthetic/Artificial Intelligence. I will mainly provide my own theories and methods to produce cognitive machines based on an evolutionary development cycle I shall speak briefly to in my next post.

I do not pretend that the average person out there finds this subject interesting, but I do hope the layman can gather some insight on to the theory of what I do feel will be a milestone of human progression, while the fan of such subjects can possibly learn something or see the unique ideas I put forth as an exciting possibility.

Either way, I thank you for your time.

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